In-Field Recalibration

In most UV systems, monitoring of UV-C irradiance is essential to ensure disinfection on water treatment systems or to ensure the effect on photochemical processes. The UV probes used for these measurements are exposed to high-energy UV radiation, which may cause aging effects. Due to that, periodic testing and recalibration is required to meet different regulations. ÖNORM M5873-1 recommends a certification validity and recalibration interval of one year.

Cyclic recalibration requires considerable effort if recalibration is carried out by the original manufacturer.

The 2nd generation ZED Digital UVC sensors allow to be recalibrated by the plant manufacturer or even by the operator in a simple process:

  • The ZED SmartMeter, used together with a certified ZED Reference sensor, guides the user through an automated process, which takes only a couple of minutes.
  • The complete recalibration history is stored inside each sensor; a password is set to ensure, that recalibration is done by authorized personnel only. The option for recalibration is available for all digital UVC sensors, including ZED digital UV sensors that have analog output.

The in-field recalibration enables time and cost efficient recalibration cycles. The intended use of this feature is the recalibration by the plant manufacturer at his own test bench or calibration box. The recalibration on location by customer service or customer himself is another application possibility.

The in-field recalibration feature is an optional feature; it requires a customer specific key for each UVC sensor. This key is to be entered on ZED SmartMeter during in-field recalibration.