Recalibration of ÖNORM- and DVGW compliant plant sensors

According to DVGW W294 and ÖNORM M 5873-1, annual calibration checks of the plant sensors are required. For this purpose the reference sensor is placed on the measurement position of the plant sensor and both measured values are compared with each other. In case of deviations larger than ±15% (ÖNORM) or ±12% (DVGW) the plant sensor should be recalibrated.
  • ZED SmartMeter or TinyMeter with the ZED ÖNORM Referencesensor can be used as UV Reference Radiometer for plant sensor calibration checks 
  • ideally you have a replacement sensor ready since the plant sensor to be calibrated has to be exchanged to maintain proper system operation 
The plant sensor should be returned for recalibration
  • sensor recalibration at ZED is performed using an automated calibration system that is connected to our production data base
  • based on the sensor serial number all calibration data is stored into the product history
  • additionally on digital ZED sensors the calibration/recalibration date is stored into the sensor memory and can be read out by our customers using suitable tools (ZED SmartMeter, ZED Sensor-Configurator software, PLC)
You will receive an appropriate certificate for the documentation of the recalibration process.